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Signup here and you'll receive an email with your Free Class Voucher.Just fill in your details, confirm your subscription with the link we send you and you're all set up!Print off the email and hand it to the instructor at the start of the class of your choice.(one free class per person only)Enjoy, and welcome to The Commando Temple.
Sophia Ellis

Sophia Ellis

Powerlifting Coach
Dawid Farycki Commando Temple
Oscar Stephenson Commando Temple

Oscar Stephenson

Powerlifting Specialist
Edvard Ervin

Edvard Ervin

Aesthetics Coach
Alex Strâmbanu Commando Temple

Alex Strâmbanu

Unconventional Training Coach
Gemma Beal Commando Temple

Gemma Beal, MSc

Massage Therapist
Dan Thomas Commando Temple

Dan Thomas

Strength and Performance Coach
Richie Griffin Commando Temple

Richie Griffin

MMA and Muay Thai Coach
Cuong Hua Commando Temple

Cuong Hua

Calisthenics & Boxing Coach
Mayyah Blair Commando Temple

Mayyah Blair

Operations Manager & Resident Strong Woman!
Fitsz Dubova Commando Temple

Fitsz Dubova

Head Calisthenics Coach
Rob Blair Commando Temple

Rob Blair

Head Trainer and Movement Therapist