Calisthenics Coach

S&C and Hyrox Coach

Andrew Julien is a high level hybrid athlete who has competed in numerous Calisthenics competitions, has represented the UK in OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) and has taken teams to some of the top fitness competitions in the UK.

His training focus is mainly on Strength, Conditioning and Calisthenics, and is able to work on building on an individual’s strengths, while encouraging what one would consider weaknesses and turning these into a useful tool.

Andrew likes to push the boundaries within his own training; tackling challenges which he and his peers thrive on.

He has run across Scotland, run the mountains in Caucasus, Georgia, jumped out of planes, and Superman-ed all across the globe – and all this barely scratches the surface of his achievements.

Andrew is a Turf Games ambassador, a Ninja Warrior competitor and pull up champion. Ask your self: “Do I want to go up against Andrew or learn from him?”

He’s happy for either!

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For details of personal training with Andrew, please get in touch.