Adam Warwicker Weghlifting Coach At The Commando Temple 8

Top 5 Olympic Weightlifting Tips

Adam Warwicker is one of the latest Coaches to be welcomed into the Commando Temple team and runs an Olympic Weightlifting Class from the Temple every Wednesday and Saturday. He has been a strength and conditioning coach for 10 years and is…
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Strong Comment October 2017

Dear Reader, Welcome to October’s Strong Comment. As always, it has been a productive few weeks here at the Commando Temple with some thrilling times ahead. Upcoming Comps Last month we were excited to announce that we have three competitions…
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Armwrestling - Inside Knowledge

In our recent ‘Strong Comment’, we welcomed a couple of new Coaches to The Commando Temple – one of them was our very own Arm Warrior Dan Thomas. Dan is a multiple British National Championship silver medallist in the art of Armwrestling…
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Strong Comment September 2017!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at the Temple, with new coaches, classes, competitions and world records galore! Find out what's been happening in this month's Strong Comment.
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Strong Comment August 2017!

At the beginning of the year we looked back on the achievements of 2016 and just 6 months on, the Commando Temple Community has already achieved a massive amount, smashing through 2017 with King Kong strength and enthusiasm. 2016 was full of…
Important Notice

**Important Changes to Gym Opening Times in May**

Hi All! The great thing about May, is that we get 2 Bank Holidays! It will also be the month in which will also be hosting the PCC - Progressive Calisthenics Certification at the facility from 19th-21st May, which means that a number of…


Rasp Ape

Raspberry Ape Podcast with Rob Blair

A little while ago, Rob Blair, Founder of The Commando Temple gym was invited to a podcast hosted by BJJ Black Belt Daniel Strauss, AKA the Raspberry Ape. In this interview Daniel delves into Rob's background - his transformation from country…
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Interview with Max Shank from Ambition Athletics

Join Rob Blair (Head trainer at The Commando Temple) and Fitsz dog (Head Calisthenics Coach) as they interview Max Shank. Max is currently the owner of Ambition Athletics, a master instructor with Dragon Doors RKC, a movement/strength ninja, international educator and creator of his ultimate athleticism workshop!
Strong Comment from The Commando Temple

David Horne - World of Grip Interview

Listen to grip sport and steel bending legend David Horne as he discusses his training history, previous achievements and ways to implement a strong grip foundation for all lifters!