Strength and Conditioning Coach

I build durable, strong, athletic people with a wide base of General Physical Preparation.

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I have worked with a very wide based of people from those rehabbing various soft tissue injuries, ACL repairs, Spine injuries, ankle and wrist breaks as well as clients with long term issues cause by previous injury or wear and tear, to professional athletes competing in international, domestic and recreational team sport. Both contact and non-contact and successfully helped serving soldiers prepare for UK Special Forces selection.

My philosophy is to instil an adaptable individual centric approach to training that meets the client where they are at without expectation, and gradually expose them to higher levels of training with the short, medium and long-term goals in mind. Training should enhance physical preparation and confidence within the training environment whilst taking into account the stresses encountered within that person’s day to day life. Training should ultimately support that individual’s ability to perform in the areas that are most important to them.

In short, I promote Anti-Fragility.

I played American Football as a Running Back from 2010-2015 for the University of East Anglia, London Blitz and was a member of the GB squad (2012-13). I collected various injuries over my career including a minor disc injury and an GHJ Labral tear (Shoulder – 2010) which was repaired in 2017 and fully rehabbed with no complications.

I’ve been working full time in the Fitness industry as a coach since 2014, and continually working through ongoing education, workshops and seminars.

I completed my MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Science following the Strength and Conditioning pathway in 2019 whilst concurrently interning in the High-Performance department for 18 months working hands on with the sports scholars from track and field to a wide array of team and individual sports.

I’ve spent the last two years (2020-2022) developing my applied and theoretical knowledge around speed development for team sport, training alongside and assisting hands on with premiership and championship rugby players, international American football athletes.

I’m currently enrolled in ongoing education for orthopaedic physiotherapy of the spine, nutrition coaching, applied speed development and personal development.





Block-book weekly sessions per month.


    (60 MINS)

  • £480

    per month


    (60 MINS)

  • £920

    per month

Block Booking

  • 2x sessions per week for 12 weeks
  • £2400

    per quarter

Group training pricing on request