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I've been attending calisthenics class at the temple for the last 5 months religiously and the difference in my muscle tone as well as overall strength is massive. Fitsz' training is really knowledgeable and encouraging. Plus it's fun! It's hard work, but the banter makes you want to come back for more. Really top class!

Raquel de Oliviera Calisthenics Class 06/10/2015

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I was looking for an activity where I will be training with motivated and healthy, competitive people that want to improve and learn. Calisthenics has been the perfect match. The group is amazing and Fitsz will push every single person to their personal level and capabilities. It's impressive how much I've improved since I started and it's so interesting to learn to use your own body weight and power to get fit. It is a very fun but hard class and the times just flies while training: you earn your dinner for sure!

Ane Uriarte Calisthenics Classes 06/10/2015

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Training with Fitsz and Cuong has been an absolute pleasure. Anyone at any level can progress at the Commando Temple. The place and its setup alone will get the most out of you. The class has people of different age groups and strength capabilities and I found myself instantly welcomed there. Keep up the good vibes. Well done guys.

Samer Haidar Gym 06/10/2015

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Superb Calisthenics class ran by Fitsz, super friendly and professional. Has helped me achieve the back lever, front lever, muscle up and now it's time for the human flag. Sky's the limit with this place!

Greg Cornthwaite Personal Trainer at Embody Fitness Gym 06/10/2015

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One of the coolest, most well equipped training facilities I've visited

Laurence Shahlaei Britain's Strongest Man 2012/13 - laurenceshahlaei.co.uk Gym 29/09/2015

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I've been training with Fitsz for a few months now and I can honestly say I've enjoyed every minute of it. (Except minutes sent doing bastard sprawls!!!)

Being a trainer myself I went to the temple to learn more about calisthenics and body weight movements and I have not been disappointed.

Each session is methodical and structurally sound. I've learnt so much from the basics to more technical movements as well. Recently, I performed my first muscle up which is a big deal for me being over 100kg. In the past, I've been unable t do this feat purely because I didn't know how to break down the movement. Fitsz has shown me the way.

Long story short, a happy customer !

Jake Manning Personal trainer Personal Training 07/09/2015

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The Commando Temple has highly skilled professional trainers delivering results in every class they do. My personal favourite is the Calisthenics class taught by Fitsz who's great personality and passion shows in each class. He has personally helped me achieve my own goals such as front and back lever through his well thought out programme design and guidance. Can't say enough good things about this place. 5 star!

Greg Cornthwaite Body Transformation specialist & Fitness model Calisthenics Classes 19/06/2015


Working with Mayyah is fantastic. She is able to draw on her broad experiences as an athlete, from sprinting to strongwoman to tailor sessions that are fun and work for you. It is obvious she has a great depth of experience coaching people which shows as she is able to get the best out of her clients and encourages you to test your limits to achieve more.

Having the benefit of having trained with some of the best coaches and trainers in the world, she has a deep knowledge base upon which to draw. With a warm and encouraging style (don't be fooled no slacking allowed), Mayyah will be able to help you achieve your goals.

Nancy Searle Commando Temple Member Personal Training 01/10/2014

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I've trained with Mayyah many times and at each session she's taught me something new - she is always spotting ways I can improve on technique. She is a great teacher.

One of the best things about Mayah, and there are many, is she practices what she preaches. Not only does she help you get strong, she keeps herself strong too.

She is a true ambassador for the strong girl community. Girls - step away from Zumba or hours on the treadmill and get yourself training with Mayyah. You'll not regret it.

Clare Goldie Commando Temple Member Personal Training 03/09/2014

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I approached rob about being a mentor back in 2013. I believe in learning from those who have achieved what you would like to and Rob has done just that.

A fresh mind and different perspective has been just what my business needed. Under robs guidance I've successfully rebranded, made big changes and fundamentally made 2014 my most productive and profitable year for business.

Rob continues to support me as my business continues to grow from strength to strength!

Thanks Rob!

Coaching 02/09/2014

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I had a second Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction 4 months ago. The injury has been going on for years and before I started training with Rob a month ago.

He identified things no physios had, how the tightness I had in my ankles and hips would transfer twisting forces to my knees, and worked quickly and efficiently at removing the obstacles that stood in my way of strengthening and improving my knee and the surrounding muscles.

This has been through a variety of exercises and muscles. He's pushed me to work hard and my body has been taken out of its comfort zone many times but never has there been any pain in my knee."

Physiotherapy 02/09/2014

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Without Rob I know that I would not be where I'm at now & would be paying out a fortune to a chiropractor.

Paul Devine Physiotherapy 02/09/2014

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Within one hour he had honed in on the issues around my body and through stretches and other movements added six inches to the depth of my squat and took away the major pains

I was having around my hips and hamstrings that had severely affected my training.

Alastair Purcell Physiotherapy 02/09/2014

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I can honestly say I feel like a new woman with a whole new range of physical capabilities.

Felicity Tunbridge Physiotherapy 02/09/2014

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Rob is an inspiration and has changed my life forever now!

Zoe Ann Strong Girl Personal Training 02/09/2014

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Rob isn't just a personal trainer, as far as I'm concerned he's the best out there!

Charlie Clements Actor Personal Training 02/09/2014

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I was honoured to work with Rob.

Rob shows all qualities you should look for - strength, passion, professionalism and humility.

Peter Lakatos Founder and Creator of Primal Move - Master Coach at Strong First! Personal Training 02/09/2014

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Trainers like Rob that work hard to continually improve are exactly what you want. I recommend his services highly!

Mike Mahler Aggressive Strength Training Personal Training 02/09/2014

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Robs knowledge is beyond just knowing rules of fitness and its “laws”. He absorbs knowledge very quickly and is always willing to learn new things, but also wants to know the “how’s and whys”

A great man, great Athlete, great Coach and also a great friend!

Gregor Sobocan Director-Head Coach, Kettlebell Centre, Slovenia Personal Training 02/09/2014

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Rob is tirelessly hard working with bags of enthusiasm with many diverse skills. He is driven, focussed and always determined to further educate and improve himself through participation, dedication and hard training!

David Horne World of grip founder/owner. Grip sport and steel bending legend Personal Training 02/09/2014

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I used Be Stronger gym to help my goals in thai boxing. Strength training was always something I neglected in sport as I used ways around it, I found the level of competition I was fighting at was getting better. I met Rob Blair at one of the shows I was fighting at, he suggested bringing in some strength work to my game and invited me to the club. There I met David Goodall who came up with a program which was very sport specific for my goals. Working with David was great, he is very informative in what we were doing and why.

Before each fight I was setting my personal best with his guidance. Since working with David and the team down at Be Stronger I've won ICO southern area K1 title and the ICO British Muay Thai title both at 82kg.

They have made my goals a reality and I will defiantly will be using them for future fights, they are the secret ingredient.

Martial Arts 01/09/2014


Over the last 6 years I have worked with and was trained by the US and UK s&c coaches that have been named the best in various rankings.

On a day to day basis I work with some high level athletes including pro MMA, top BJJ competitors as well as triathletes and polo players.

I also work as s&c coach for a sports injuries physiotherapy clinic. Fitsz has been training me now for quite a while and I must say he is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. Being in the profession myself not only as an s&c coach but also working with athletes recovering from injuries I don't easily trust other coaches with my own training, however from the first session with Fitsz I trusted him 100%.

Fitsz - you are not only very professional but you also have a great attention to detail and a superb understanding of movement. Not only I have learned a lot from you about callisthenics, the sessions you take me through complement my weight training so well and have become an integral part of my schedule.

I also have applied some of the techniques I have learned from you with the athletes I work with. I remember one of the well known coaches saying: "don't trust any trainer who hasn't got any grey hair", well... I'm sure he has not met you Fitsz, because if he did he would change his mind. I just want to thank you for all your help, patience and great sessions I always look forward to. I truly think you are a very good trainer and I appreciate a lot all the time you dedicate to train me.

Sabina Skala Personal Training 29/08/2014

Kettlebell Training

Fitsz has really impressed me over the last year. His enthusiasm as a coach rubs off on everyone around him and it’s obvious that he genuinely cares about the people he trains.

Behind his enthusiasm is a real hunger for learning and a solid understanding of the principles behind everything he does.

This shines through both in the results he gets with his clients and in the respect he has won in the industry. Fitsz’s clients are in safe hands and he has a bright future ahead of him!

Peter Marsden Personal Training 29/08/2014

Kettlebell Fever

Great place. Highly recommend. Passionate coaches dedicated to overall health and wellness and not just making a fast buck. A way of life.

5 Stars all the way

James Breese Owner Kettlebell Fever Gym 28/08/2014

Nelio Testimonial

I've been training at The Commando Temple for the last 4 months and to tell you the truth it has surpassed all my expectations.

When I first met Rob I was craving for a place where I could train and make my own. I was looking for somewhere where I could feel inspired and push myself to the limit, somewhere where I could learn and share with other like minded people.

I can honestly say that I've found it! Everything works for me, the space, the location, the equipment, the people and the unique awesomeness that is being part of this unique community of extraordinary people.

I've learnt a lot whilst training at The Commando Temple and must thank Snow Flake and Fitzs for their relentless commitment to keep this venue alive and thriving.

In the meantime, I will keep on shouting out loud LONG LIVE The Commando Temple

Nelio Rodrigues Personal Trainer and Capoeira instructor Gym 28/08/2014


It really is a temple - a haven from the outside world, where you can focus on pure strength, both inside and out. Rob is a knowledgeable, supportive and motivating force to have around and is passionate about getting the best out of his clients. It's got all the equipment you could possibly need along with targeted workshops and special guests speakers/trainers, and I honestly couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Definitely check it out!

Gym 28/08/2014

Peter Marsden

Awesome strength & conditioning facility, very well equipped for powerlifting, strongman, grip strength, calisthenics and kettlebells (GS & hardstyle).

The instructors know their stuff and and hold frequent educational events, often with world class athletes/coaches

Peter Marsden Man of Steel, Trainer and Strength Enthusiast! Gym 28/08/2014


I live in Eastbourne on the South Coast and try to make the 65 mile journey to the Commando Temple at last once per month due to the fact that it is by far the best strength and functional training facility I know of bar none.

The guys and girls who frequent this place are a friendly tribe and know the meaning of hard work. Its an incredible facility frequented by inspiring people.

Just wish I lived closer! Keep up the great facility and workshops guys!

Matt Shore Owner TRAIN STRONG PT Gym 28/08/2014

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