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Hi my name is Charlie.

My journey with sport and fitness started from about 12 years old. Before this I had no interest in any kind of exercise however I hit a growth spurt and reached the towering height of which I am now of 5ft 11inches. This led to being very good at rugby at the age of 12! However as the years passed everyone started to reach my height and beyond. Having tasted success on the pitch I became hungry to stay being the first picked. I then decided to develop my speed, strength and size through training instead of going to bed every night hoping to grow 2 inches and put on a stone of muscle through nothing but sheer will.

This is where my love and journey into pushing my body to its limits and finding out what I could do began. I have played up to a semi-professional level of rugby for various teams over the years. I have competed in amateur strongman competitions (even won a couple). I have swum competitively at a county level. I have also competed in track and field events at a high level. It’s through this personal experience I have been able to build a broad skill set in sports specific training over the years. I have studied / practised speed, endurance, strength and bodybuilding training over the years; and feel confident in being able to train people in any facet of these disciplines.

I have also had more injuries than most sports teams collectively! Through this over the years am able to adapt workouts / rehab from most things through my own personal experiences.

I am fully qualified in pre and post natal training and have trained numerous women though their pregnancies over the years. My wife was actually training with me at 6am every morning throughout her 9 months, up until the day before she gave birth.

I have been a self-employed personal trainer for 11 years now. I love what I do and I love helping people to achieve whatever goals they set themselves. Personal training for me is about adapting to someone’s skill set / experience level in the gym. I strive to maintain a high level of work rate within my sessions no matter the ability or experience of the person I am training. I pride myself on being able to make my clients feel comfortable and confident. People do not come to the gym to feel worse than when they turned up. I always ensure that my clients have a great workout and enjoy themselves whilst doing it.



Pay per session or in advance.


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