Personal TrainerCommando Temple Ben Waters

You know when you go to train with the best of intentions, and then one thing gets in the way and before you know it, that training session is no longer a priority? Well, I love problem-solving! Even with the most complicated and compromised lifestyles, I like to figure out the actions that get people training with energy and effort – long term. In fact, over the coronavirus pandemic, I helped hundreds of people put their distractions aside and have them not just training frequently – but get after each one of them.

 I have coached a huge range of people, abilities and circumstances, helped a multinational bank instill health and fitness practices, and currently operate as a consultant at a University. While the strategy varies from person to person – whoever I am coaching, I aim to cultivate their effort and channel it into the correct actions for them, their happiness, and of course – their goal. I will relentlessly chase progression so that you know you are getting fitter and stronger session to session.

 I claim to have Jorvik Viking blood – I have zero evidence to support this claim.

I am also Batman.

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