Commando Temple Coaches Ben Savin

Physical and Mental Wellbeing Coach

Let’s face it, you clicked on my profile pic because you like the idea of training with THE best looking coach around :D in all seriousness though, I can guarantee you won’t find another individual that brings such a heavy dose of sparkle to training sessions.

Life is as serious and difficult as you choose to make it. I know living in the city can drag you down, and we can easily get stuck in the loop where we put so much pressure on ourselves to progress with everything, to keep pushing…only to eventually burn out. On top of that a lot of us have a great deal of background noise going on. All kinds of nonsense around body image, confidence and irrational fears that hold us back. If you train with me we’ll be leaving all that crap behind thank you very much!

I decided some time ago to let go of negative, toxic feelings like these. I decided to choose to make life less of a pain in the bum. Life’s too short to be hung up on silly worries. Your journey at the Commando Temple will help you to realise you’re far more capable than you thought. I’d be delighted to be the individual to get you there! Along with a bucket load of giggles you’ll feel more confident, empowered and absolutely delicious.

My philosophy is eat smart, lift smart and have loads of fun with it. Follow these points and you’ll be absolutely smashing your health and wellbeing journey, as well as being awesome at life! I’ve enjoyed many aspects of fitness in my many years as a coach but it’s developing my own strength and helping my clients to get strong that really gets me excited! I take part in the LGBT Powerlifting Championships in Blackpool and I’d love to start doing Strongman competitions. I like to utilise a lot of the skills and movements from these disciplines to help my client base realise their potential.

I wasn’t always into training of course. Up until I was 27 I was a total party monster. If I could drink it, eat it, smoke it, snort it I would. I can totally appreciate that an unhealthy lifestyle is great fun. But I realised that introducing some sort of training into your life can also give you a serious buzz. And it goes without saying, far more rewarding.

I try my best to now convey this to my lovely people! You could likewise be one of these epic individuals.

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