Commando Temple Gym London (14)

The ultimate way to gain control over your body and your mind.

This intensive 3 month package is the perfect way to kick start your fitness journey, or to give renewed focus and purpose to your current training.

With your chosen coach(es) you will have an in-depth strength and movement assessment where we will aim to align your goals the with the results from your tests. Your coach(es) will also analyse your food diary to find the optimal way of fuelling your body for your chosen performance goals.

The package includes 4 one to one training sessions per week, which you can choose to take with more than one designated coach. This commitment will help you build habits that last a lifetime.

You can choose to undertake the Blitz package either by yourself, or with a friend to make these sessions more cost effective.

Prices will vary depending on your chosen coaches.

Contact us to discuss getting started with a 3 month Blitz Package.