Some of our classes might seem daunting at first but we cater to a range of fitness levels and our community is extremely supportive. You will be made to feel welcome regardless of your training background and fitness goals.

Our clients come to us from across London and the UK, and we find the social aspects of the gym motivate members to push themselves hard to get the results they seek.

Commando Temple group fitness classes cover many major strength and conditioning disciplines so you can build your strength in the style you want, with people from all walks of life, and have a lot of fun along the way.

Educational and Fun!

Our classes also have a strong educational aspect, so you can learn techniques and take away elements to practise in your own workouts. Commando Temple classes include Oldtime Strongman and Strongman events training, Calisthenics TrainingPowerlifting

If it’s a fighting fix you’re after, the Temple Fight Club Classes cover some of the most popular and respected combat disciplines and our trainers have spent years honing their skills. Fight Club instructors are either professional athletes or have previously competed at a professional or semi-professional level. Fight Club classes cover Judo, MMA and Muay Thai & Martial arts for kids.

Every one of our coaches has more than just basic credentials to teach. They are highly established in their fields and committed to every aspect of strength & conditioning training.