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New Commando Temple Hoodies!

Check out our new Commando Temple Hoodies! These beauties will be arriving next week and we will have limited stock so don't miss out! If you would like to place an order, please contact Mayyah.

Personal Training with Dan Thomas

Dan is a Personal Trainer at the Commando Temple and we asked Dan to write a little bit about his approach to 121 training and what you can expect from him.

Armwrestling – Inside Knowledge

Dan is a multiple British National Championship silver medallist in the art of Armwrestling and has beaten national champions from across Europe on the ArmWars professional circuit so he knows what it is to be successful in this field.

Getting The F*@k On With It. By Mayyah.

On Sunday 31st January, almost 7 weeks after snapping my ACL whilst playing an ill-fated game of netball, I made a decision that quite a number of people have questioned me over. I decided just 45 minutes before the start of the Tough Guy Challenge…
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Interview with Max Shank from Ambition Athletics

Join Rob Blair (Head trainer at The Commando Temple) and Fitsz dog (Head Calisthenics Coach) as they interview Max Shank. Max is currently the owner of Ambition Athletics, a master instructor with Dragon Doors RKC, a movement/strength ninja, international educator and creator of his ultimate athleticism workshop!

How Healthy Is Competition? By Mayyah Blair

There’s a very fine line between sharing your view, and coming across like you’re telling people what to do; especially when you’re a coach. So I’d like to start off this post by saying that the way I choose to train/think bears no relation…
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Elizabeth Horne, The World’s Best Modern-Day Female Grip-Sport Athlete – By Mayyah Blair

Elizabeth Horne is widely regarded as being THE leading female grip sport athlete in the world! With more world records to her name than I’ve had hot dinners, Elizabeth isn’t just ‘strong for a girl’, she has a stronger grip than 99%…
Strong woman gym training

Britain’s Strongest Woman Competition 2015. Blog by Mayyah Blair

Just over 6 weeks ago it was confirmed that both myself and Kat (fellow Temple badass, ridiculously strong woman, and great friend), had been nominated and accepted to compete in Britain’s Strongest Woman in Northampton, in the U63kg category. Almost…

Interview with Calisthenics Icon Danny Kavadlo

For many of you, this interviewee needs no introduction. Danny Kavadlo is a trainer, author, beast... who's well known in the calisthenics world & fitness industry. For anyone who feels like they got a late start in calisthenics this…
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My Experience of Calisthenics at The Commando Temple – By Seren Garner

In Devon, I had been going to an independent gym where, self taught and motivated, I found myself fascinated by strength - weighted dips, chin ups, push ups and compound lifts began to dominate my workouts. After deciding to move, I was desperate…
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Commando Temple Summer to Autumn Round-Up 2014

Ladies and Gents! It’s been a little while since we wrote one of these updates, but I’m sure you’re all aware of how busy things have been, and how much we’ve managed to achieve over the last 6 months or so. Obviously we won’t…
Commando Temple Strongwoman Training Gym Greenwich London top 3

A Clean Sweep for the Commando Temple Strongwoman Team!

Last Saturday (30th September), a team of 4 strong ladies from the Commando Temple along with an army of fans and supporters made the trip up to Villain Barbell Club in Mill Hill for their Strongwoman Competition.