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Signup here and you'll receive an email with your Free Class Voucher.Just fill in your details, confirm your subscription with the link we send you and you're all set up!Print off the email and hand it to the instructor at the start of the class of your choice.(one free class per person only)Enjoy, and welcome to The Commando Temple.
Calisthenics Championships

May 2018 Strong Comment

Welcome to this month’s Strong Comment...where we bring you new strongman equipment, stories from the desert, member of the month and much more!
Strong Comment, Commando Temple, London

Interview with Max Shank from Ambition Athletics

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Join Rob Blair (Head trainer at The Commando Temple) and Fitsz dog (Head Calisthenics Coach) as they interview Max Shank. Max is currently the owner of Ambition Athletics, a master instructor with Dragon Doors RKC, a movement/strength ninja, international educator and creator of his ultimate athleticism workshop!

Commando Temple Summer to Autumn Round-Up 2014

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Ladies and Gents!It’s been a little while since we wrote one of these updates, but I’m sure you’re all aware of how busy things have been, and how much we’ve managed to achieve over the last 6 months or so.Obviously we won’t…
Strong Comment from The Commando Temple

David Horne - World of Grip Interview

Listen to grip sport and steel bending legend David Horne as he discusses his training history, previous achievements and ways to implement a strong grip foundation for all lifters!
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Steve Maxwell Conditioning Motivation!

Join Steve as Rob Blair from The Commando Temple gym in London England discusses his motivations, key points for fitness professionals to adhere to and the future of fitness.
Strong Comment from The Commando Temple

Andy Bolton & Benedikt Magnússon interview

PODCAST, The Commando Temple interviews two of the strongest Guys in the World.