Strength & Conditioning Coach For Fighters

Hi, I’m Tom.

My job is to make you stronger, faster, and more explosive.

As an MMA fighter and BJJ brown belt, I’ve experienced first-hand the difference that building strength, power and physical resilience can mean. Standing at a whopping 5’3” and fighting at flyweight, becoming as strong and athletic as possible has been a necessity to thrive in the sport..

My mission now is to help as many people as possible realise their potential using a science-based, personalised approach.

I specialise in working with strikers (Muay Thai, K1, Boxing). Over the years I’ve helped people at all levels, from beginners prepping for their first amateur fight to UFC contenders, all the way up to world champions.

I’ve worked with Tom for multiple world championship fight camps, and have seen improvement across the board. His approach to training is simple, effective and gets real results at the highest level.

– Jonathan Haggerty, One FC Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion

My approach to training takes three steps:
Figure out the bottlenecks.What’s the biggest thing holding you back from becoming as strong and athletic as possible?

  • Create a precise plan to maximise your development in the weeks, months and years to come
  • Guide you through the execution, step by step

No nonsense. No guesswork. Just show up, work hard, and follow the steps. For everything else, I’ve got you covered.

I’m also an experienced nutrition coach. Over my years with fighters, it’s been an integral part of my job to help them reliably make their weight class. This meant helping people make a specific weight class by a specific date, all while staying healthy and able to perform at a high level in the gym and in competition.

My passion is helping people to realise their athletic potential. If that’s something you want, let’s talk and we’ll make it happen.



Paid monthy

(All personal training sessions are 60 minutes)

For small group session pricing, please contact us directly