Sports Specific Strength Coach

Hi, I’m Darragh.

As a young Kid I was captivated by the world of physical culture and sports. On Tv I’d see movie stars like Arnie and Sly, along with some old-school world’s Strongest man, athletics and sports. I wanted to be just like them. One day, my dad teased me, asking, “Hey son, what’s with those two bits of string hanging out of your t shirt?” I decided it was time to get swole and finally beat him at arm wrestling once and for all.

Fast forward a few years, while studying Philosophy and a few pushups under my belt, I stumbled upon a profound quote by Socrates: “It is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.” And then it hit me. From that point on I knew becoming a disciple of strength was inevitable for me. Feeling as though I had left humanity behind with my newfound wisdom. I embarked on my own pursuit of physical excellence.

I went on to compete in, coach and gain a diverse background across various sports and training methodologies. Accumulating over 20 years of experience, playing for teams around the world from Basketball and Gaelic football to competing in track and field events such as Decathlon, javelin, and 400m and attending various UKSCA seminars along the way. Covid brought unexpected lessons, teaching me the beauty of training in nature and the versatility of kettlebells and gymnastic rings.

These experiences have sculpted me into a versatile athlete and coach. Allowing me to explore various training styles encompassing plyometrics, calisthenics, strongman, hand balancing, bodybuilding, powerlifting, sprinting, Olympic weightlifting and still so much to learn. Always taking what worked best into my own philosophies, coaching and training style.

It’s not just about looking good or being strong; it has opened doors to incredible opportunities, allowing me to explore different corners of the world, forge lifelong friendships, compete in high-level competitions, and discover the ultimate mental health remedy. So, whether you’re looking for athletic prowess, aesthetic transformation, or simply a stronger, healthier version of yourself. Head down to the temple. You’ll get them all.


Commando Darragh Ayres Personal Trainer



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