Reduced to its essential parts, Strongman is a sport in which the principle task is to pick up random heavy objects and move them. Essentially, you move objects of near-maximal weight and are scored by time, reps, or maximum weight lifted. These objects can be anything from barbells and dumbells, to atlas stones, Conan’s Wheels and Yokes. The beauty of the sport is its huge variety.

Our Old-Time Strongman class is an extremely fast-paced, high-energy session and is one of the toughest classes on our timetable. Both men and women are able to take part in the session, which is a modified version of regular Strongman training. It is modified to include additional strength and conditioning components – which we believe to be essential to build a powerful and resilient athlete.

Our Strongwoman Class is a very inclusive group of ladies who come together week in, week out to get stronger (whatever that means to them), train with a bunch of fun, like-minded people and feeling better about their bodies happens to be a welcome benefit of getting involved.   So often we’ll hear from women that they don’t think they’re strong enough for Strongwoman training, and that they feel intimidated at the thought of joining in the classes.  The beauty of the class is that we have enough kit in lots of different weights to suit people of all abilities. Our class attendees range from 16-60 years of age, and some of the older ladies are actually some of the most powerful there! Strength training for women is incredibly empowering, and helps to build a body that not only looks good, but can actually get sh*t done! Come and join us and see what it’s all about!

You’ll learn to lift lots of unconventional bits of kit ranging from Atlas Stones, Kettlebells, Kegs, Sandbags and so much more. What’s great about the sport is that there’s so much variety. You’ll work either individually, or in small groups, with people of a similar ability to yourself to keep pushing your physical limits.

You can take part in our 90 minute long classes for as little as £10 per class (depending on the membership you choose), and one off classes are £15 each.

Our Strongwoman Coach Mayyah offers one-to-one training sessions as part of her Personal Training packages and our Head Coach Rob offers one to one sessions for people looking to get ready for competitions and to take their Strongman training to the next level. Get in touch with us for more details.