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Old Time Strongman Training


Oldtime Strongman Training Classes at London’s Commando Temple with resident strong woman, Mayyah Shalchi, and our prize Arm Warrior, Dan Thomas.

Strongman Classes

Whether you’re preparing for a Strongman competition or just want to see what you’re made of, get set for a strength training workout that challenges you like no other at the Commando Temple Gym’s Oldtime Strongman Classes.

Strong woman Mayyah will have you carrying your training partner around the block on your shoulders, building isometric tension in your body through partner-assisted resistance drills, then exploding into action with an assortment of specialised strongman training techniques. We regularly include kettlebell drills, sandbag & keg carries, loaded steps, carrying weights down the street and flipping tyres in our weekly training programs.

Oldtime Strongman Training Classes are attended by beginners and veteran athletes alike, forming a strong, motivated, supportive and encouraging community. Expect to be welcomed, tested, and pushed to your limits in this high energy (and high volume) workout session where keeping up with the crowd is the order of the day. All with a powerful background soundtrack from the Gym’s sound system and your classmates calls to spur you on as you squeeze out that all important last rep, step or flip! Every class is a Strongman event of its own.

There’s no better introduction to the Strongman world for those looking for gym classes with a difference or for ambitious competitors looking to supplement their training program with some of the strongest and most experienced gym instructors London has to offer. Whether you’re looking to torch body fat or get ready for the next strongman event, we guarantee strong results!

And it’s not just for the boys. Oldtime Strongman Classes are open to the Strong Women in our lives as well, all are welcome.

Joining is easy! Contact us now to start becoming the strongest Man you can be at the Commando Temple Gym or enquire about Personal Training, bespoke group workshops and events.

Strongman Events Training

Different to the Old Time Strongman class, the focus here is purely on the events you’ll be doing in competition.

Every Saturday, we will gather to lift, carry and move some heavy weights around.

The structure is simple, an overhead lift, a carry and a loading event, trained to max effort, then finished off by putting all 3 together under the same conditions you would be doing them in competition.

Expect log press, axle press, yoke, farmers walk, Hussafel stone carries, Atlas stone loading and much more.

They will run on a 3 week rotation and then switch to a different set of events following the same template.

This is the perfect class for all levels of strong men and women alike.

Be Stronger.

Strongman Training Classes with Mayyah Shalchi

Tuesday: 19:30 – 21:00 (ladies only)

Strongman Training Classes with Mayyah Shalchi

Thursday: 07:00 – 8:00 (male and female)

Strongman Events Training with Dan Thomas

Saturday: 11:30 – 13:00 (male and female)

Price: £20 per class

(discounts for members & monthly packages)


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The Commando Temple has a world class, unrivalled collection of equipment and apparatus available to our Old Time Strongman Training Classes including:

  • Training logs, plate loadable at 40 kg, 62.5 kg and 80 kg
  • Conan’s Wheel with built-in Viking Press
  • Kegs weighing 27 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg, 65 kg, 80 kg and 100 kg
  • Replica Dinnie stones weighing 104 kg, 147 kg and 207 kg
  • Poliquin and Watson strongman bars
  • 227 kg, 350 kg and 512 kg tyres
  • Farmer’s walk handles weighing 40kg, 150 kg (plate loadable) and a pair of plates
  • Eight Atlas platforms and stones weighing 30 kg, 40 kg, 55 kg, 63 kg, 77 kg, 100 kg, 125 kg and 143 kg
  • Husafell stones weighing 55 kg, 75 kg, 100 kg, 125 kg and 140kg
  • Adjustable yoke
  • Thomas Inch-style circus bells weighing 21 kg, 32 kg, 43 kg, 65.9 kg, 71.7 kg and three at 78 kg
  • Texas Power Bar, safety squat bar, hex bar
  • Texas Deadlift Bar
  • Blacksmiths anvil weighing 126 kg (and pimped for additional uses) and 56 kg anvil
  • Thick stubby 2 1/2″ and 3″ bars, long axle bar, Watson Dr Tom’s Combo Bar
  • Iron Mind pulling harness
  • Prowlers
  • Olympic lifting platforms with Taishan competition plates
  • Kettle bells up to 93.3 kg
  • Chalk and lots of it!
  • Dumbbells up to 80 kg in pairs

Read more about the Commando Temple Gym or Get in touch to sign up for a free taster class and start your journey today.

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Mayyah Shalchi Commando Temple Strongwoman and PT

Mayyah Shalchi

Commando Temple Founder, Strongman Coach and Personal Trainer

Read Mayyah’s bio here

“The Commando Temple Strongman classes are one of our most demanding sessions and a favourite of many of our members and coaches.

In this class we focus on movement and conditioning that promotes raw strength & fitness in a demanding but fun environment of friendly and encouraging camaraderie. Using a broad spectrum of apparatus, exercises and latest training techniques your strength & resilience will improve in very quick time as you’ll learn to maintain good technique while your body becomes fatigued.

Each session is tailored to the strength and skill level of the participants, challenging you in new and ever-changing ways, and helping you grow stronger week on week.”

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I had a second Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction 4 months ago. The injury has been going on for years and before I started training with Rob a month ago.

He identified things no physios had, how the tightness I had in my ankles and hips would transfer twisting forces to my knees, and worked quickly and efficiently at removing the obstacles that stood in my way of strengthening and improving my knee and the surrounding muscles.

This has been through a variety of exercises and muscles. He's pushed me to work hard and my body has been taken out of its comfort zone many times but never has there been any pain in my knee."

Physiotherapy 02/09/2014

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