Mayyah Strength Training

Strength training is a term that covers both the physical and psychological aspects of making the human body more resilient, stronger and less likely to become injured. Strength training means different things to different people, and the type of strength training required for different sports, disciplines and lifestyles will vary massively from person to person. At The Commando Temple, we aim to make your strength training as practical as possible, giving you real-world benefits and preparing you for your tasks at hand.

In our Personal Training sessions we’re able to tailor a personal strength-training plan to you, taking into consideration your starting point, your injuries and restrictions, and where you want to get to. Obviously we will assess the feasibility of your goals (with you), and develop a system that will work for you.

In our group sessions, depending on the session that you choose, we’ll be using kettlebells, barbells, sandbags and in many cases simply your own bodyweight to help you get stronger.

We do not suggest a one-size-fits-all approach to our members and clients!