Fitsz Grip

“Rob is tirelessly hard working with bags of enthusiasm with many diverse skills. He is driven, focused and always determined to further educate and improve himself through participation, dedication and hard training!”

David Horne (World of grip founder/owner, grip sport and steel bending legend)

The Commando Temple regularly runs Grip sport competitions with David Hornes approval (see David Hornes impressive training history and experience here) 

There are several grip sport competitors at the Temple including Mayyah and Fitsz who between them have many world records in the lighter weight divisions.

Rob attained ‘Britain’s strongest hands under 83kg class’ in 2014 and is aiming for greater things in 2015

The Commando Temple is an impressive beast for all things grip..come and join us! Grip, bend and pinch your way to a stronger lifting experience.

  • The biggest collection of grip training equipment and grip aids in London
  • Dinnie Stone Replicas @ 104, 147 and 207kg
  • Wrist rollers and various pull up grip aids
  • V2 Vulcan gripper
  • Globe (Thomas Inch style) Circus Bells x6 incremental weights up to 78kg!
  • Viking press and Conans Wheel
  • Steel Bending wraps and most importantly STEEL TO BEND!
  • Grip strength Dynamometers x2
  • Thomas Inch Replica circus bells @21, 32, 43, 65,9, 71.7 and x2 bells @ 78kg
  • The full range of David Hornes grip tops and loading pins
  • Ivanko super gripper, John Brookfeild gripper, Hand Grippers and COC grippers.
  • Heavy Blacksmiths Anvil @126kg (pimped up for additional uses)
  • 56kg Anvil
  • Thick stubby 2 1/2″ and 3″ Bars, Long axle bar, Watsons Dr Toms bar, fat gripz,
  • Manilla Climbing ropes and a 7m long rig!
  • Kettlebells up to 93.3kg
  • Chalk! and lots of it!
  • D.Bells up to 80kg in pairs

For you hand balance specialists and calisthenic kings we have gymnastic rings two pommel horse’s and a Vaulting box.

See one of the largest collections of strongman kit in the UK here housed at The Commando Temple

Contact us to book a 121 with Rob  or call us on 020 8127 4545