Powerlifting Workshop


With a world class facility at our fingertips, it makes great sense for us to make the most of it, and we frequently run workshops and courses from within our space.

The reason we do not open our space to members on a Sunday is that we are able to host some of the best names in the business to come in and educate us (and often our clients), to ensure that we’re always one step ahead.

We are also able to organise events that are run by our own coaches, allowing them to dedicate full days to your development, be it Atomic Workshops, Calisthenics master classes, or BJJ seminars.

So far, we’ve run charity days, open days, hosted external courses for companies like StrongFirst and Kettlebell Fever and hosted workshops with people like Laurence Shahlaei (2 times Britain’s Strongest Man), Steve Maxwell and Powerlifters Andy Bolton and Benedikt Magnusson.

We have so much more lined up for you over the coming months. Please sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date with what’s going on.

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