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Strongwoman Training Commando Temple Gym Greenwich London


Strongwoman Training Classes at London’s Commando Temple with resident Coach & Personal Trainer, Mayyah Shalchi.

We’ll have you laughing as you lift in these 90-minute sessions. Employing exercises and apparatus from the sport of strongwoman, we work with your natural strength to help you realise your physical and mental potential to reveal the strongwoman within. You’ll work as a team flipping tyres, carrying loaded sandbags around the block and challenging yourselves, and each other, every Wednesday.

Strongwoman training is one of the fastest growing female sports in the UK and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you consider yourself strong or not, strong woman training is extremely satisfying and hugely empowering. We work with a broad range of weights and apparatus, and tailor every class and exercise to the experience and ability of those present to ensure a safe and friendly environment.

At The Commando Temple Gym, the women get as much respect as the men and there is a great community of strongwomen who train together and socialise regularly, some are serious athletes competing in local and national strongwoman events, others are strong minded females looking to get in the best shape of their lives.

We encourage each other to push boundaries, building an atmosphere of outstanding camaraderie and community in the process. You’ll train with newcomers as well as regular competitors from around the country and the wider Temple community is always willing to get involved and show their support.

For the ultimate test of team spirit and inner strength, there’s no better class for women that want to get stronger than The Commando Temple Strongwoman class.

Contact us now to start becoming the strongest Woman you can be at the Commando Temple Gym or enquire about Personal Training, bespoke group workshops and events.

Be Stronger.

Strongwoman Training Classes with Mayyah Shalchi
(Women only)

Tuesdays: 19:30 – 21:00

Price: £20 per class
(discounts for members & monthly packages)


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The Commando Temple Gym has an unrivalled collection of equipment and apparatus available to our Strongwoman Training Classes including:

  • Training logs, plate loadable at 40 kg, 62.5 kg and 80 kg
  • Conan’s Wheel with built-in Viking Press
  • Kegs weighing 27 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg, 65 kg, 80 kg and 100 kg
  • Replica Dinnie stones weighing 104 kg, 147 kg and 207 kg
  • Poliquin and Watson strongman bars
  • 227 kg, 350 kg and 512 kg tyres
  • Farmer’s walk handles weighing 40kg, 150 kg (plate loadable) and a pair of plates
  • Eight Atlas platforms and stones weighing 30 kg, 40 kg, 55 kg, 63 kg, 77 kg, 100 kg, 125 kg and 143 kg
  • Husafell stones weighing 55 kg, 75 kg, 100 kg, 125 kg and 140kg
  • Adjustable yoke
  • Thomas Inch-style circus bells weighing 21 kg, 32 kg, 43 kg, 65.9 kg, 71.7 kg and three at 78 kg
  • Texas Power Bar, safety squat bar, hex bar
  • Texas Deadlift Bar
  • Blacksmiths anvil weighing 126 kg (and pimped for additional uses) and 56 kg anvil
  • Thick stubby 2 1/2″ and 3″ bars, long axle bar, Watson Dr Tom’s Combo Bar
  • Iron Mind pulling harness
  • Prowlers
  • Olympic lifting platforms with Taishan competition plates
  • Kettle bells up to 93.3 kg
  • Chalk and lots of it!
  • Dumbbells up to 80 kg in pairs

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Commando Temple Strongwoman Training Gym Greenwich London top 3
Mayyah Schalchi Commando Temple Strongwoman training Gym Greenwich London

Mayyah Shalchi

Commando Temple Operations Manager, Personal Trainer & Strongwoman Coach

Worlds strongest hands Under 72kg 2015, Third place Britains Strongest woman 2015 

Read Mayyah’s bio here

I’m Mayyah Shalchi, third strongest woman in my weight class in Britain’s Strongest Woman 2015 and winner of the 2014 Villain Barbell Club Strongwoman competition, and I lead The Commando Temple Strongwoman Training Classes.

My classes are perfect for women of all abilities regardless of age, experience and fitness background. They are perfect to help your confidence, get fit and build real functional strength that you will use every day, all in the company of like-minded women that want to help you reach your goals. We have a really friendly group of ladies and are always eager to welcome new members.”