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I enjoy training with David as his clear passion for the art form, his selflessness in passing on the techniques and his consummate professionalism while grappling in some challenging positions is inspiring me to continue to practice Brazilian Jujitsu, improving my fitness and agility and has brightened my Mondays.

David trains from the heart and I love spending time with people who are passionate about what they do – it is infectious and I leave every session feeling invigorated and renewed.

David is considerate in his Brazilian Jujitsu lessons, making sure that he demonstrates the right level if strength vs technique and fearless in the face of you attempting reciprocal techniques. In the brief time that I have been training with him, my skills have improved exponentially and many of the techniques can be effectively used for self-defence as well as improving your fitness and agility.

I started training with David because I was new to Brazilian Jujitsu and I wanted to learn the basics 1-2-1 before attempting a mixed class. David has been encouraging and supportive in his instruction which has allowed me to build confidence and technique in parallel, the physicality of the discipline and David’s patience in teaching has resulted in improved strength and agility and I continue to see improved muscle tone as I progress.

Heather Orton Personal Training 01/09/2014