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Welcome to October’s Strong Comment. As always, it has been a productive few weeks here at the Commando Temple with some thrilling times ahead.

Upcoming Comps

Last month we were excited to announce that we have three competitions to be held at the Commando Temple over the next couple of months. Here’s a little reminder of the awesomeness that awaits:

  • GripOn 28th October ‘17 the Temple will play host to the annual International King Kong Grip Challenge. Events are to include the One Hand Pinch Deadlift (Flask), the 2.5” Crusher (FFBC), the Stub (World of Grip) and the 2” V-Bar (FFBC).
  • A few weeks later on 19th November ‘17 we will see the return of the UK and Ireland Calisthenics Championships where competitors will be judged on their skill, strength and endurance.
  • Then finally on the 26th November ’17 we will be holding the inaugural British Stone Lifting Competition. There will be five events in all: Husafel Stone Carry / Atlas Stone Over Bar / Natural Stone Medley / Stone Press and Dinnie Stone Lift & Timed Hold.

The entry fee is £15, £15 and £25 respectively and payment can be made online here. Checkout our Facebook events page for more details on these events.


Powerlifting Champs

This month a team of seven from the Commando Temple Powerlifting group flew to South Africa for the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships with great results. The Monday saw Catherine Graham (U57kg) come away with Gold in a bench only competition and on the Wednesday the following results came in:

  • Emma Rafferty U47kg – Silver Squat, Silver Bench, Silver deadlift – Silver overall
  • Emily Przesiak U47kg – Bronze squat, Bronze Bench, Gold Deadlift – Bronze overall.
  • Louise Sinniah-Burr U52kg – Bronze Bench, 4th Overall
  • Joy Nnamani U57kg – Gold Squat, Gold Bench, Gold Deadlift – Gold Overall. Joy also broke the deadlift world record twice with her final attempt being 200kg!
  • Catherine Graham U57kg – Silver Bench, Bronze Deadlift – Bronze Overall.

Paul Marsh was appointed English Head Coach (and the only Coach for the entire English team of 49 lifters). Overall the team did very well with the Men’s Senior Team coming first and the Women’s Senior Team coming second as well as achieving a lot of gold medals across the various age categories. A massive congratulations to all involved!

Checkout the British Powerlifting video below to see Joy’s 200kg World Record deadlift.


Joy Nnamani (@j_nnamani ) becoming the lightest woman to pull 200kg! New World Record in the 57kg class at the Commonwealth Championships 💪💪..#britishpowerlifting #ipf #powerlifting #powerlifter #usapl #cpu #deadlift #deadlifts #marklyft #fitness #fitfam #powerliftingaustralia #strongman #crossfit #weightlifting #styrklyft #styrkløft #bodybuilding #bodybuilding #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #likeforlike @theipf

Posted by British Powerlifting on Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Ultra-marathon Madness

FiveA couple of months ago we mentioned that there are 5 Commando Temple Warriors who are following in Rob and George’s footsteps and have signed up (one unknowingly!) to take on the beast of a challenge that is the Marathon Des Sables. The MDS has been dubbed one of the hardest foot races on Earth and with the ultra-marathon due to take place in April next year, the ‘MDS 5’ are set to take on the Brecon Beacons this coming weekend in their first training session together. On speaking to Mayyah about the training ahead she said “I think it will be disgusting”, but we think she meant to say “disgustingly awesome.”

We also have another Temple Warrior (and Strongwoman Class member) with a massive challenge on the horizon, and that’s Sol Martin who will be running the Ben Nevis Ultra-marathon this year.

Good luck everyone, the Commando Temple is here to help you get strong and get through it!

Member of the Month

In previous Strong Comments we have been known to select a ‘Member of the Month’, but it has been a while since we did this, so we decided it was high time we brought this feature back.

Screen Shot 2017 10 04 At 22.24.08So without further ado, let us introduce you to October’s Member of the Month: Jodie Lahon. We love strength and commitment here at the Commando Temple, and Jodie has this in abundance. She came back from an ACL rupture and subsequent ACL reconstruction and intensive rehab program just 18 months ago to recently completing a 117 mile bike ride and already has plans in place for an Ironman Triathlon next year.

If that wasn’t enough, during Jodie’s rehab she did her Yoga Teacher Training in India and has set up a course of Yoga Classes at the Temple which she has offered in exchange for charitable donations to Harrison’s Fund, and has raised around £600 for the cause. Jodie’s fundraising page for Harrison’s Fund and more about the cause can be found here.


We constantly find ourselves being inspired by people like Jodie at the Commando Temple and many of our other Temple Warriors, and this month has been no exception. Keep up the amazing work everyone and stay STRONG!


The Commando Temple Team