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Asalamualaikum (Peace and blessings be on you) – I’m Syeda.

I am a huge advocate of strength training for women from all diverse backgrounds. It gives us so many mental and physical benefits.

As your coach, I will help you develop a love for the barbell and what it can do for you. I want to be there cheering you on as you attempt to lift a weight you never thought you could. I will teach you how to perform the basic lifts with good technique. My aim is to equip you with the knowledge of how to use both basic and advanced training equipment so that you can find something you truly love.

Many women feel overwhelmed by the thought of strength training, because women training with barbells wasn’t something they saw growing up. I can relate – here’s my story.
I grew up being the overweight, very shy girl who had no friends and was picked last on the team in P.E. I hated anything to do with fitness as a child, mainly because as with most traditional school sports sessions, we only got to do cross country running, rounders and the bleep test… urgh. I started dieting at the age of 11, with no knowledge of nutrition.

I never succeeded at losing weight as a teenager, but I did discover that I was pretty strong. I used to help my dad with DIY around the house, and I loved the feeling of being able to lift heavy bags of sand when we would work in the garden.
My first real boost of confidence came when I was picked out of 80 people, for a prop making apprenticeship at the National Theatre. I started to see that I was special in some way too, and that most importantly, I was a lot more than how I looked and what I wore.

When I signed up to the gym at the age of 19, It took me nearly a year of wasting my membership to step into the free weights area. Going to the gym at 3am so there were as few people as possible looking at me was getting hard. I was afraid of being judged, mostly because of my weight, and because I had a headscarf on and didn’t see any other Muslim woman on the cardio machines, let alone the squat rack.

When I discovered powerlifting on YouTube, I instantly fell in love with it. A sport that didn’t judge you on how you look at all, just how strong you are? Sign me up!

As well as getting stronger, I also went from 84kg to 72kg in under 6 months. I did it all without fad diets, and kept the weight off. An added bonus from doing a sport I loved but I was still learning, and after a few months of lifting I started getting aches and pains due to bad technique. I decided to find a coach, which is how I arrived at The Commando Temple. Thanks Google!

My technique quickly improved, and my lifts shot up. I started competing and went on to do divisional and national competitions, picking up three medals – two bronze and a gold – at the divisionals.

My body composition improved because of the training and valuable nutrition guidance my powerlifting coach gave me. This is what having a coach guiding you can do. With my coach, I turned my body into a powerful tool that did what I wanted it to do. Like making a human prop.

The mental health challenges we face as a society are growing – one in six adults experience common issues like anxiety or depression, and research shows us that exercise can be transformative in helping with these problems.

I use lifting as an escape, to manage difficult feelings and to just let the everyday frustrations of life out in a healthy way.

Lifting helped me deal with the feelings brought on by life changing events. When my Dad sadly passed away and I was in a dark place, battling anxiety disorder and depression, powerlifting gave me focus and an outlet.

Take the first step into achieving your goals. It’s never too early or too late to pick up a barbell and start training and you don’t have to get into competitive powerlifting to enjoy and benefit from it. Get in touch today.


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