Matt Shore Commando Temple Coach and Personal Trainer

Kettlebell and Mace Educator
Hybrid Training Expert
Strength and Endurance Coach

Matt Shore is a Performance Coach, Personal Trainer, Online Coach, Mentor, Educator and Mountain Leader.
With an expanse of experience spanning over 26 years in coaching clients and over 30 years as a competitive athlete he is passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people he works with.

As a lifelong competitive athlete he has competed to high levels in Swimming, Cycle Road Racing, Mountain Biking, Powerlifting, Running, Strongman and Special Forces based Extreme Endurance races including the Fan Dance.

His style has been developed through experience in these disciplines and in crossing the boundaries that lie between them.

Specialising in Kettlebell and Macebell Training, Functional Strength and Hybrid Training, Matt has a huge amount of experience in supporting his clients in any goal their heart desires.

He also has a vast amount of experience in working with clients who experience dysfunction, injury and pain. Matt uses his knowledge of body and mind and the link between the two to help the people he works with to navigate through these challenging life events and to emerge healed and stronger for the process.

Matt is passionate about sharing his experiences with other coaches and trainers.

His career has seen him act as consultant and lead coach within numerous training providers and he continues to provide coach education and to help others develop their coach skill set through his workshops, online webinars and online courses.

As a mountain leader he facilitates others to enjoy experiences and adventures in the great outdoors and mountain environments within the UK, to reset and re-connect with themselves in nature and to nourish their souls in the arms of Mother Nature.In Mountaineering he has ascended most of the significant mountains in the UK.

Internationally he has completed the Tour de Mont Blanc, Climbed Mount Toubkal in Morocco and successfully summited Aconcagua in the South American Andes, the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas at 6962m altitude.

Matt’s approach is holistic, intuitive and based on connection and communication with all he works with. His ability to deliver the right training and support, at the right time is the essence of what helps his clients to enjoy the levels of success they do while exceeding personal expectations.

Matt Shore Weighted Dips Gallery
Matt Shore Bulgarian Bag Gallery

Key Notes & Qualifications

  • Has worked with 100’s of clients over a career spanning 26 years
  • Ex Facility Manager of Chichester University Sports Centre with 5 years of previous management experience
  • 3 Years as Consultant and Coach of Coaches for Sideways8 PT (Kettlebell, Functional Strength, Outdoor Group Training)
  • Motivational speaker having presented on numerous occasions including his Fan Dance efforts and Aconcagua expedition
  • Blog Writer
  • B.Sc Sports Science with Honours
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Strongfirst Kettlebell (SFG1) Cert
  • Strength Matters Level 1 Kettlebell Cert
  • Precision Nutrition Qualified Coach
  • Mace Certification – Rik Brown
  • IAM TOOLs Assisted Massage Therapist
  • Optimal Life Fitness Kettlebell Level 1
  • Optimal Life Fitness Kettlebell Level 2
  • Optimal Life Fitness Bulgarian Bag Coach
  • Optimal Life Fitness Performance Boxing Coach
  • Dan John Intervention Workshop
  • First Aid at Work


  • 1st Place P Company Fan Dance 2017 (loaded 35lb)
  • 3rd Place Summer Fan Dance 2017 3hr 30:51 (loaded 35lb)
  • 8hr 27 Iron Man Self Navigated 20 mile Test March Brecon Beacons
  • 3 Week Aconcagua Expedition 2019 – missed summit by 150m
  • Summer Mountain Leader May 2019
  • Welsh 3 Peaks June 2019
  • 19min 21 5km Run
  • 856kcal in 60 mins Assault Bike
  • 50.6kg Kettlebell Turkish Get Up @ 75kg
  • 127.5kg Bench Press @ 74kg Body Weight
  • Numerous OCR Races including Winter Tough Guy
  • Commando Temple Twisted Peaks Challenge



Block-book weekly sessions per month.

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Matt Shore is available for personal training sessions at the Commando Temple every Wednesday and Thursday.


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Matt Shore is available for personal training sessions at the Commando Temple every  Wednesday and Thursday.

He is also available for Zoom 1-2-1 Coaching and Online Programming throughout the week.