Jamie Jeffery Commando Temple Coach




Welcome! You are here now. Let’s begin…

Let’s unleash a strength that comes from the core of your being.

Let’s free a mobility with which you can play anywhere and adventure everywhere.

Let’s dissolve all the tension in your body and marvel at what you can do.

The you that is right here, now, ready to leap and flip and stand on their hands.

It’s here, all of it, everything you can imagine and everything you can’t. So let’s begin!

Who is Jamie?

That’s a question I continue to ask myself, and wow what fun I have had finding out over the past 25 years.

I was 15 once, watching an Irish gymnast complete a tumbling pass on the TV at the Gymnastics World Championships. There was a burst of warmth in my chest, pure excitement.

‘I’ve got to do that!’ I heard inside my mind.

A Gymnast, that’s what I wanted to be. But when my dad took me to the local club that was known to be the place to take it seriously, we discovered the Acrobats.

‘Jamie, what’s the difference between a Gymnast and an Acrobat?’

‘A Gymnast does things you know are amazing. An Acrobat does things you never even dreamed of.’

Brilliant! I had found a place to let that warmth start to burn. But what else was I? I was 15, a decade late to the elite level party for this sport. I had some fitness and had been flipping off walls, but no technique, and zero knowledge of the acrobatic movements which make up the sport and are largely partner based. And the flexibility… yikes.

That was July 2012. Fast forward to October 2019. I was 22 and walking out of a tunnel to the medal ceremony of the European Championships men’s pair dynamic final with my training partner Aidan to collect our silver medal.

My body had transformed totally, moulded by thousands of hours of training. Strength like you wouldn’t believe, splits in all three directions, and we had performed moves no other Men’s pair in the world were attempting in competition.

But in my chest as I walked out and smelt the chalky musk of the competition hall, I felt that same warmth, still and peaceful. I was Jamie. I had always been Jamie. I am Jamie. That was it, that was what I saw in that moment.

And that is why I am so excited that you are here now! Because it’s you! The you that is going to do the amazing thing you are dreaming right now.

What is it?

I want to be your guide on whatever movement-based adventure it is you are undertaking.

  • Are you starting out with some acrobatic/ calisthenics style skills?
  • Are you looking for new direction with something you have been working on for a while?
  • Maybe you don’t care about the skills and just want the fitness and strength this style of training can offer you.
  • Do you want to supplement another activity with high-level core strength and improved mobility? Both of which are invaluable in injury prevention and better quality of life, no matter what you are doing.
  • Do you just want to do the splits or a handstand?
  • Or are you ready to go mega, do all of these things and let that light shine brilliant and blistering for all to see, unbound and enjoying the world for the playground that it is?

We will work with your body certainly, but we will also work with your mind. We will show it what you can already do and let it dream bigger, brighter! We will find the child in you that still wants to play, that knows they can do exactly what they want, and we will let them!

So let’s do it! Let’s watch you, light, free and easy, and see all the amazing things you will do. Let’s begin!

Key Notes & Achievements

  • Building high-level core and body strength.
  • Freeing range of movement and developing flexibility.
  • Working to release typical body pain and create more ease in your experience of the body.
  • Handstands, Acrobatic skills and Calisthenics skills.
  • Cultivating self-confidence, ease of being, and joy in your everyday experience of your body

Coaching & Experience

  • 10 years training elite level acrobatic gymnastics.
  • 3 years training on the British Acrobatic Gymnastics team.
  • 2 World Cups representing GB.
  • 1 European Championships, silver medal in the dynamic exercise.
  • 1 World Championship team selection Acro World Championships – GBR Senior MP Interview – YouTube
  • 35 days training in a Shaolin martial arts academy in northern China (2016).
  • Level 3 acrobatic gymnastics coach.
  • 5 years coaching in the acrobatics program at Richmond Gymnastics Association.
  • 3 years coaching recreational gymnastics
  • 1 year as head coach for national development plan squad RGA (2021-2022) in which time partnerships under my guidance achieved:

Regional medals

    • Gold: 3
    • Silver: 1

National medals

    • Silver: 1
    • Bronze: 1



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