Jamie Jeffery Commando Temple Coach




Hello, my name is Jamie!

I am the resident gymnastics coach at the Commando Temple.

I work with people on gymnastics/ acrobatic style skills such as handstands and back summersaults. I also work more broadly on people’s bodyweight strength foundation, pathways towards higher level calisthenics skills like human flags and muscle ups, and range of movement development, flexibility and mobility.

People come to work with me from all different backgrounds, experience levels and ages, including competition level athletes, life time sprot and fitness enthusiasts, and also those looking to get strong in their bodies again after long periods of inactivity.

Your starting point and level really doesn’t matter. We will work together, putting what you want to do at the centre of the plan, and letting this inform how we operate in the sessions and any programming that is set for in-between.

So what do you want to do?

– Are you starting out with some acrobatic/ calisthenics style skills?

– Are you looking for guidance with something you have been working on for a while?

– Maybe you just want to feel fitter and stronger exploring new methods that this style of training can offer.

– Do you want to supplement another activity with improved core strength and range of movement? Both of which are invaluable for injury prevention and better quality of life, regardless of what you are doing.

– Do you just want to do the splits or a handstand?

Whatever it is, let’s do it! When you have got an idea feel free to get in touch and we can have a conversation.

Very much looking forward to hearing from you!


Key Notes & Achievements

  • Building high-level core and body strength.
  • Freeing range of movement and developing flexibility.
  • Working to release typical body pain and create more ease in your experience of the body.
  • Handstands, Acrobatic skills and Calisthenics skills.
  • Cultivating self-confidence, ease of being, and joy in your everyday experience of your body

Coaching & Experience

  • 10 years training elite level acrobatic gymnastics.
  • 3 years training on the British Acrobatic Gymnastics team.
  • 2 World Cups representing GB.
  • 1 European Championships, silver medal in the dynamic exercise.
  • 1 World Championship team selection Acro World Championships – GBR Senior MP Interview – YouTube
  • 35 days training in a Shaolin martial arts academy in northern China (2016).
  • Level 3 acrobatic gymnastics coach.
  • 5 years coaching in the acrobatics program at Richmond Gymnastics Association.
  • 3 years coaching recreational gymnastics
  • 1 year as head coach for national development plan squad RGA (2021-2022) in which time partnerships under my guidance achieved:

Regional medals

    • Gold: 3
    • Silver: 1

National medals

    • Silver: 1
    • Bronze: 1



Book a single or block of sessions on your timetable.

Pay as you train or in advance.


Block-book weekly sessions per month.

Save up to £10 per hour over individual sessions.


    (60 MINS)

  • £280

    per month


    (60 MINS)

  • £520

    per month