The May bank holiday sees the return of the annual Commando Temple Strongest Man and Woman. The event will be held over two days, with all of the Women’s classes taking place on Sunday 27th and the Men’s classes taking place on Monday 28th.

The entry fee is £30 which can be made via Mindbody…just click on the Events tab on Mindbody to book on. You will need to create a user account if you don’t already have one. There is a limit of 12 entries per class and payment will secure your place. The entry deadline is 1st May. Further details of the event are as follows:

  • Weigh in and registration on the morning from 08.30-09.45
  • Competition starts at 10.15
  • Trophies for the top 3 in each class
  • T-shirts for every entrant to be worn during comp
  • Novice Womens classes, under 75kg and over 75kg
  • Novice Mens, under 95kg and over 95kg
  • Women’s weight classes, U63, U75 and over 75kg
  • Men’s weight classes, U80, U90, U105 and opens

If you have not won any previous novice strongman or woman competitions or placed top 3 in 3 or more novice competitions, you are eligible to enter the novice class. Although we are realistic in that if you won by default of being the only entrant, you can still enter this.


Pressing Medley:

Axle, Log, 9 inch loadable Dumbbell. Single rep of Axle and log, then max reps with dumbbell in remaining time, full lock out must be achieved, down signal given before moving onto next implement, 75s time limit.

  • Women u75: 35kg, 40kg, 20kg
  • Women over 75: 45kg, 50kg, 25kg
  • Men under 95: 70kg, 80kg, 40kg
  • Men over 95: 80kg, 90kg, 45kg

Truck Pull With Rope.

15m. Weight to be confirmed.

Front Hold with Competition Kettlebell:

For maximum time, arms have to be held straight out from shoulders, butt and back against a wall, timer is stopped when hands drop below shoulder level.

  • Women u75: 8kg
  • Women over 75: 10kg
  • Men u95: 12kg
  • Men over 95: 14kg

Yoke/ Duck walk Medley:

20m each. 60s time limit

  • Women u75: 130kg Yoke into 60kg Duck Walk
  • Women over 75: 150kg Yoke into 80kg Duck Walk
  • Men u95kg: 220kg Yoke into 100kg Duck Walk
  • Men over 95kg: 250kg Yoke into 120kg Duck Walk


Natural Stone Loading:

Lewis60s time limit, no tacky allowed, fastest time wins

  • Women are loading the first stone to 54 inches, and the last 2 stones to 48 inches
  • Women u75: 30kg, 36kg, 45kg
  • Women over 75: 36kg, 45kg, 61kg
  • Men are loading the first stone to 60 inches, 2nd to 54 inches and 3rd to 48 inches
  • Men u95: 45kg, 61kg, 76kg
  • Men 0ver 95: 61kg, 76kg, 82kg

Tie breaker to determine the 3 qualifying spots for England’s strongest novice will be contested between the top 3 men from each novice class and will be using the Dinnie stones.

The top 3 weights lifted will qualify.

Rules will be explained on the day



Pressing Medley:

Axle, Log, Circus Dumbbell. Single rep of axle and log, full lock out must be achieved, down signal given before moving on to next implement, then max reps with the dumbbell in the remaining time. You will be scored on number of reps completed with dumbbell, otherwise, fastest time to complete 1st or 2nd lift. 75s time limit.

  • Women under 63: 45kg, 55kg, 20kg
  • Women under 75: 55kg, 65kg, 31kg
  • Women over 75: 65kg, 75kg, 42kg
  • Men u80, 90kg, 100kg, 42kg
  • Men u90, 100kg, 110kg, 53kg
  • Men u105, 110kg, 120kg, 64kg
  • Mens open, 125kg, 140kg, 78kg

Truck Pull With Rope.

15m. 60s time limit. Weights tbc.

Car Deadlift:

As many reps as possible, no bouncing, lockout at top of lift and wait for down signal. 60s time limit. Weights tbc.

Carry Medley:

30m of each carry, Farmers, Yoke, Duck Walk. Fastest time wins. 75s time limit.

  • Women u63: 50kg, 120kg, 70kg
  • Women u75: 60kg, 130kg, 85kg
  • Women over 75kg: 75kg, 160kg, 110kg
  • Men u80: 95kg, 200kg, 110kg
  • Men u90: 110kg, 240kg, 130kg
  • Men u105: 125kg, 280kg, 150kg
  • Men’s open: 140kg, 340kg, 170kg

Tyre Flip:Tyre

  • Womens u63: 150kg tyre fastest time for 5 reps
  • Womens u74kg: 150kg tyre, fastest time for 5 reps
  • Womens over 75kg: 227kg tyre, Fastest time for 5 reps
  • Men u80kg: 227kg tyre, Fastest time for 5 reps
  • Men u90kg: 350kg tyre, Fastest time for 5 reps
  • Men u105kg: 350kg tyre, Fastest time for 5 reps
  • Men’s open: 512kg tyre, Fastest time for 5 reps


In the event of a tie on points, the tie breaker for first place will be decided on the heaviest total weight lifted using the Dinnie Stones. If an equal weight is achieved by both lifters, it will come down to who held them for the longest time. Any combination of 2 stones beats a heavy single stone, regardless of time lifted.

If you require any further information on this event, do not hesitate contact us via our website.